Trade Japan Stock Comparison

Review of the Best Brokers in Singapore that Trade Japan Stock

We are going to compare and review 2 of the best licensed stock brokers in Singapore that trade Japan Stock. The best and famous stock trading companies from Singapore are CMC Market and City Index.


For the comparison of these 2 stock brokers, we will make two examples.


Trade Japan Stock Comparison Example A


Trade Japan Stock Comparison Example B


Final Conclusion and Final Review

To determine which stock broker is better than the other, it all depends on how often, the amount and volume that you are going to trade. So, if you are going to trade below JPY 70,000, we would suggest you to use CMC Market, but if you trade above JPY 70,000, CityIndex would be the best choice.



For more information, here are the 2 Best Stock Brokers in Singapore:-

CMC Markets Singapore

CMC Markets Singapore CFD & Forex trading platform provides online access to the world’s financial markets. Trade on Shares, Commodities, Forex and Indices.

Official Website:

City Index

At City Index Singapore we strive to give our clients an edge to trade CFDs and FX with competitive spreads, innovative platforms and flexible leverage.

Official Website:

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